Please now Order from the School – Papamoa Primary School Matakana Room 9-13 Year 2


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This is the school pack for Papamoa Primary Matakana Room 9-13 Year 2, for the 2021 school year.

The pack contains all of the exercise books, pens, whiteboard markers, pencils, glue sticks (and everything else stationery) that your child needs for the school year, as prescribed by the teacher at Papamoa Primary.

*Please note, if your child is new to the school or they don’t have an unused one from last year, they will also require one each of the two additional items shown below – for the Homework Book bag, please select a colour.

The product image shown is indicative and does not necessarily represent this pack.

FM Vivid Display Book A4 20 Pocket Ice Blue

Homework Bag Large Blue 360x290mm

Homework Bag Large Lime 360x290mm

Homework Bag Large Pink 360x290mm

Homework Bag Large Purple 360x290

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