Tauranga Boys’ College Year 9 & 10 Pack


This is the school pack for Tauranga Boys’ College year 9 & 10 students, for the 2022 calendar year. Your pack will be delivered to your home and we also have them available from our showroom at 20 Christopher Street, Tauranga.

The pack contains all of the stationery that your child needs for this class for the whole school year, as prescribed by the teachers at Tauranga Boys’ College.

Please note that Tauranga Boys College students are required to have their own laptop or tablet computer, as part of the BYOD programme.

The Back to School Store does not supply BYOD devices, so you will still need to purchase one from a technology retailer.

*Please note that the product image shown is indicative and does not necessarily represent this specific pack.

$12.50 inc GST